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2021, vol. 68, br. 4, str. 441-460
The advancement of development ethics
(naslov ne postoji na srpskom)
aUniversity of Macedonia, Slavic and Oriental Studies, Department of Balkan, Thessaloniki, Greece
bHellenic Open University, Patras, Greece
cUniversity of Ioannina, Department of Accounting and Finance, Ioannina, Greece

e-adresamarangosjohn@gmail.com, n.astroulakis@gmail.com, etiarhi@teiep.gr
Ključne reči: Development ethics; Denis Goulet; Ethics; Development economics; Economic humanism; Development; Social change
(ne postoji na srpskom)
An advancement that includes the intellectual history of development ethics is examined in this paper. Relying upon contributions of distinguished scholars, this inquiry considers the intellectual history of the sub-field known as "development ethics". Special attention is paid to the pioneering development ethicist Denis Goulet, recognized as the founder of the field. The paper concentrates on individual contributions on a variety of issues, emphasizing linkages to Goulet's conception of tasks, methods and normative principles. Students of international development can benefit from this distinctive perspective where ethics is integrated into economic development, disclosing an enlightened perspective of an ethical developing world. Overall, the goal is to establish development ethics as an important subcategory of development economics in regards with its ethical aspects and one which deserves greater attention from economists and development studies scholars.
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