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2011, vol. 56, iss. 2, pp. 111-119
Influence of soil tillage and weed suppression on winter wheat yield
aHerbos doo, Sisak, Hrvatska
bPoljoprivredni fakultet, Osijek, Hrvatska
cPoljoprivredni institut, Osijek, Hrvatska
Modern soil tillage systems based on different tools than mouldboard plough have very often stronger weed occurrence, which can be a serious problem for achieving high yields. An obvious solution for weed suppression is a herbicide, whose improper use can deteriorate environment and lead toward serious ecological problems. In order to investigate the interaction between soil tillage and herbicide, trial was set up in Valpovo in seasons 2008/09 - 2010/11. Two soil tillage systems (CT-conventional tillage, based on mouldboard ploughing, and CH-chiselling and disk harrowing, without ploughing) and five herbicide treatments (NH-control, no herbicides; H10- recommended dose of Herbaflex (2 l ha-1); H05-half dose of Herbaflex; F10- recommended dose of Fox (1.5 l ha-1); and F05-half dose of Fox) were applied to winter wheat crops. Results showed similar effects of soil tillage on the winter wheat yield, whereas different herbicide dosages showed similar weed suppression and influence on winter wheat yield.
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article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.2298/JAS1102111M
published in SCIndeks: 30/05/2012

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