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2016, vol. 40, iss. 2, pp. 583-596
The influence of the Papacy on Serbia and Bulgaria at the end of 12th and beginning of the 13th century
Međunarodni centar za pravoslavne studije, Niš
Keywords: Southeast Europe; Papacy; Serbia; Bulgaria; royal crown; Union
The split that occurred in 1054 specifically had influence on the area where the two confessions 'collided'. In the area of Southeast Europe, as shown by the historical sources, in the late twelfth century there was no conflict between the two confessions. Worsening relations between the two confessions brought the fourth crusade. The Western Church, led by the Pope, has taken all the efforts to overcome the schism and to achieve union. The paper present relations between Serbia and Bulgaria and the Western Church with attempts to achieve union.


article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
published in SCIndeks: 25/01/2017

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