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2020, vol. 148, iss. 9-10, pp. 535-540
Pleuropulmonary manifestations of systemic autoimmune diseases: An 84-case series analysis
aClinical Center of Serbia, Center for Radiology and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Belgrade + University of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine
bUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine + Clinical Center of Serbia, Clinic for Pulmonology, Belgrade
cClinical Center of Serbia, Center for Radiology and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Belgrade
Clinical and epidemiological study of adverse events in hospital patients (MESTD - 175046)

Introduction the systemic autoimmune diseases (SAD) can cause a variety of pulmonary and pleural abnormalities. The aim of this paper is to review clinical and radiological characteristics of a series of patients with a systemic autoimmune disease hospitalized at a tertiary level facility. Methods In this retrospective study, we reviewed the clinical and imaging findings in patients diagnosed with SAD at the Teaching Hospital of Pulmonology during a nine-year period. Results an 84-patient group (mean age of 53.8 years) consisted of 64 women and 20 men. Fifty-eight out of 84 patients suffered from collagen vascular disease (CVD) and 26/84 had systemic vasculitis. Fatigue was the dominant symptom (75.8% in CVD, and 69.2% in vasculitis). Cough, hemoptysis, and fever were more frequent in patients with vasculitis. Fibrosis was the most common radiological manifestation of CVD (26/58), followed by pleural effusion (18/58) and consolidation (10/58). Irregular opacities were dominant radiologic finding in vasculitis (10/26), followed by nodules (8/26). Histological confirmation of systemic autoimmune disease was obtained in 28.6% patients, in 58/84 patients the diagnosis was based on a positive serologic test and clinico-radiological manifestations, in two cases on clinical and radiological features according to defined criteria. Conclusion Pleuropulmonary manifestations of SAD are usually expressed in the sixth decade of life, predominantly in women. Clinical findings and positive serologic tests suggest diagnosis of SAD. Fibrosis is the most common radiologic pattern found in almost one half of the patients with CVD and irregular opacities are the most common findings in vasculitis.
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article language: English
document type: Original Paper
DOI: 10.2298/SARH190730061S
received: 30/07/2019
revised: 14/08/2020
accepted: 15/08/2020
published online: 08/09/2020
published in SCIndeks: 13/11/2020

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