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Decreasing of the air humidity by the ventilation control in the St. Barbara mine
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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, Zagreb, Croatia
Ključne reči: visitor mine; ventilation; dehumidification; automatization; timbering support
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The St. Barbara mine is a visitor mine having a large amount of timbering support which is deteriorating fast due to the high humidity conditions. The air conditioning system of mining is not suitable and also expensive for implementation in a shallow non-productive mine. As there are no usual air contaminants in the visitor mines, ventilation could be powered only when a dew point of outside air is below the strata temperature. Applying this rule would certainly avoid condensation, but also raises a potential for partial dehumidification of mine walls as moisture can evaporate in these conditions. A microclimate analysis, based on one-year data, has showed that these favorable conditions of the outside air occur through the major part of the year. Their availability is mostly 100%, but during summertime there are periods when it drops down to 13%. A real time monitoring system with programable microcontroller allows the automatic ventilation control and adjustment to the psychrometric conditions.
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DOI: 10.5937/mmeb2201001K
primljen: 24.02.2022.
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