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2012, vol. 16, iss. 1, pp. 6-9
Determination of shear force of root and leaf mass in root vegetables
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture
Keywords: shear force; root; leaf; carrot; parsnip; parsley and celery
The aim of this research was to determine the shear force of root and leaf mass depending on the basic physical properties of root vegetables: carrot, parsley, parsnip and celery. TMS-PRO (Food technology) measuring instrument and TMS flat shear blade set (Warner-Bratzer shear test) were used for measuring the shear force. Dependence of instant shear force on the shearing distance was determined in the laboratory conditions. Also, maximum shear force (Fmax) and average shear force (Fav) were determined and specific shear force (Fsp) was calculated per unit of sheared part. As it was expected, the correlation between maximum shear force and root diameter (0.49-0.80) was high and positive. Calculation of specific shear force per unit of sheared part was general and objective indicator of shear force. The measured quantitative values of shear force are of technological importance for the design of machines for mechanical harvesting and processing plants.
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article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published in SCIndeks: 22/03/2013