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2008, vol. 30, iss. 2, pp. 51-61
Towards the definition of mental health: Some concepts and dilemmas
Specijalna psihijatrijska bolnica "Dr Slavoljub Bakalović", Vršac
Keywords: mental health; sex; purpose; personal development
In the work some questions concerning mental health definition, particularly the concepts and dilemmas relevant in the second half of 20th century, are examined. The international classification of mental disorders, from one revision to another, extends the number of conditions and behaviors that can be recognized as the symptoms of illnesses. A new type of neurotic behavior is derived from the conflict between consciousness and existential frustration on the one hand and a vacuum - a new type of neurosis - that is, "spiritual neurosis" on the other hand. Two relevant questions refer to differences between the sexes: does the psychologically superior sex exist and is Freud's concept of male psychological superiority still alive? One of the relevant questions is: do views of mental health blend with religious and moral views of existence, as well as with cultural and social references? In its mental health definition the World Health Organization also includes human well - being, and not the mere absence of illness and suffering. Most authors agree that there are two aspects of psychological well - being that significantly help mental health care: the feeling of having purpose and meaning in life and having consciousness of self - realization and personal development.
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article language: Serbian
document type: Review Paper
published in SCIndeks: 31/10/2008

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