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2007, vol. 61, iss. 3, pp. 157-163
Thermodynamic analysis and characterization of alloys in the Au-In-Sb system
aMining and Metallurgy Institute, Bor
bUniversity of Belgrade, Technical Faculty, Bor
The results of thermodynamic analysis and the characterization of alloys in the ternary system Au-In-Sb are presented in this study. Thermodynamic analysis was carried out by applying the Toop and Muggianu predicting methods in sections from the Au, In and Sb corner, respectively, with the following ratios 1:3 and 3:1. in the temperature interval from 873 to 1673 K. Characterization of the alloys in section Au-In-Sb was perfor­med using optical microscopy, SEM/EDX analysis and by hardness measurements of the investigated alloys.
*** Version 1.1 of the COST 531 Database for Lead-Free Solders.
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Živković, D., Živković, Z., Manasijević, D. (2005) Thermo-chim. Acta, 435 113-117


article language: Serbian
document type: Scientific Paper
DOI: 10.2298/HEMIND0703157G
published in SCIndeks: 23/01/2008

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