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1993, vol. 35, br. 3, str. 419-424
Levica i desnica u političkom prostoru Srbije
Institut za političke studije, Beograd, Srbija
(ne postoji na srpskom)
This paper is an attempt to delineate the main dimensions of the political space and to distribute political parties along these coordinates, on the basis of the ideological profiles of party followers, established through empirical research. First, operational definitions of the concepts of left, center and right are given, as used in projecting the instruments for research; then it is argued that the determinants of left, center and right are not isomorphous, which makes it difficult to construct a mathematical model of the political space and to locate each party within it, since it requires that heterogeneous values be reduced to only one dimension - the axis of political space. On the basis of the analysis of this problem a mathematical formula is offered which makes it possible to place the numerical values of questionnaire items along the same scale, even though the key points on the scale (left, center, right) are determined according to two different criteria. The paper ends with a practical presentation of the application of this formula - a diagram showing the distribution of parties in the Serbian political space determined through an empirical investigation of attitudes of their followers.
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