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2002, vol. 56, iss. 1-4, pp. 133-141
Motive of sports achievement and anxiety as dispositions of athletes' personalities
Banja Luka
Keywords: dispositions; motivation; motive of achievement; motive of sports achievement; anxiety
Speaking about sports psychology and its significance for practicing and success in sport, three fields in personality study of athletes are stressed: structure, dynamics and development. Although all three field present unique whole in personality study of athletes, this paper, due to adequate research method, initiated examination of the fields of structure of athletes' personality, i.e. its structural/functional elements denominated as dispositions. Two dispositions are selected (motive of sports achievement and anxiety) which were previously determined to represent relevant factors for success in sport. Upon the definition of these two dispositions, and the stressing of their significance for success in sport, it was commenced with the examination of their interconnection in two groups of athletes: tennis and football players. The research confirmed that there is no statistically significant connection between motive of sports achievement and anxiety of the tennis players, while the significant interconnection of these two dispositions was proved for the football players.
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article language: Serbian
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published in SCIndeks: 02/06/2007