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2015, iss. 4, pp. 79-89
Is the application of foreign law an imperative?: Principle of public policy in national laws and international conventions
Law Faculty, University Mediterranean, Podgorica, Crna Gora
Keywords: foreign law application; public policy; deviation from standard application of choice of law rules
Choice of law rules are of an imperative nature and their application is not dependant on the will of the parties. To that extent, we will apply national choice of law rules and even the foreign law to which they refer, even when parties prefer that their matter is resolved according to the national law. However, in particular situations, we will refuse to apply the applicable foreign law despite the reference of the choice of law rules of the forum, because the result of such application would not correspond to the principles of domestic legal system. For such purposes, we use the principle of public policy and by using its protective function, our application of the choice of law rules has corrective effects, whereas we do not apply foreign law, regardless of the fact that such law, according to the will of the legislator, is very closely connected to a particular case. Thus, if the results of foreign law application are incompatible with fundamental values of the national legal system, we must deviate from standard application of the choice of law rules and in a particular matter, find an alternative solution.
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article language: English
document type: Original Scientific Paper
published in SCIndeks: 04/07/2016

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