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2006, vol. 12, iss. 1-2, pp. 7-14
Models for genotype by environment interaction estimation on halomorphic soil
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field and Vegetable Crops
Keywords: pšenica; visina biljke; indeks klasa; interakcija; Eberhart i Russell; AMMI; solonjec
In genotype by environment interaction estimation, as well as, in total trial variability anal­ysis several models are in use. The most often used are Analysis of variance, Eberhart and Russell model and AMMI model. Each of the models has its own specificities, in the way of sources of varia­tion comprehension and treatment. It is known that agriculturally less productive environments increase errors, diminish reaction differences between genotypes and decrease repeatability of conditions during years. A sample consisting on six bread wheat varieties was studied in three veg­etation periods on halomorphic soil, solonetz type in Banat (vil. Kumane). Genotype by environ­ment interaction was quantified using ANOVA, Eberhart and Russell model and AMMI model. The results were compared not only on pure solonetz soil (control), but also on two level of ameliora­tion (25 and 50t/ha phosphor-gypsum).
Akura, M., Kaya, Y., Taner, S. (2005) Genotipc-environment interaction and phenotypic stability analysis for grain yield of durum wheat in central Anatolian region. Turk J Agric. For, 29, 369-375
Dimitrijević, M., Petrović, S. (2005) Genetika populacije. in: Adaptabilnost i stabilnost genotipa, Novi Sad: Poljoprivredni fakultet
Dimitrijević, M., Petrović, S., Belić, M., Hadžić, V., Kapor, Z. (2005) Multivarijaciona analiza sorti pšenice gajenih na halomorfnom zemljištu. Selekcija i semenarstvo, vol. 11, br. 1-4, str. 93-99
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Petrović, S., Worland, A.J. (1992) Geni reduktori visine stabljike I - determinacija prisustva u Jugoslovenskim sortama pšenice. Savremena poljoprivreda, 40 (6), 81-85
Petrović, S., Dimitrijević, M., Kraljević-Balalić, M., Crnobarac, J., Lalić, B., Arsenić, I. (2005) Uticaj genotipa i spoljne sredine na komponente prinosa novosadskih sorti pšenice. Zbornik radova Instituta za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo, br. 41, str. 199-206
Zobel, R.W., Wright, M.J., Gauch, H.G. (1988) Statistical analysis of yield trial. Agronomy Journal, 80, 388-393


article language: Serbian
document type: unclassified
published in SCIndeks: 02/06/2007

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